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I Actually Wore This

I Actually Wore This

Dostępność:Aktualnie niedostępny

Czas wysyłki:48 godzin

Kod EAN:9780789338105

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In everyone s closet, there is one article of clothing that truly demonstrates a momentary lapse in fashion judgment. I Actually Wore This is the first book to celebrate these fashion blunders and lets us in on how and why they happened: the purple velour jumpsuit that was supposed to make you look dangerous, the Baron von Trapp ish Tyrolean jacket that seemed like a good idea after six beers in Munich, and the cocktail napkin sized swimsuit. Each of these cringe-inducing items somehow managed to find its way into the wardrobe of a typically fashionable person, and the authors are here to tell you how that happened. In I Actually Wore This, otherwise stylish individuals, from Bergdorf Goodman s fashion director to actress and SNL alum Molly Shannon, choose the one item from their closet that best illustrates when taste took a holiday, allow themselves to be photographed in it, and tell the story of how, where, and why they bought this article of clothing that makes them mutter what was I thinking? each time they see it.

AutorColeman Tom
Rok wydania2022
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